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A Marketplace Research recommendation Platform for small and short term Traders with NSE & MCX.

Disciplined Trading with Support of Technology

SEBI Registered Analyst, Mathmatical Models & Virtual Trading

Login with your trading account credentials provided by any of the Partner Broker mentioned above

Get forecast for a selected portfolio from different sources and convert them to normal or strategy orders.

Send all type of orders with desired quantities to your broker or practice with virtual trading also track the MTM and Net PnL

Analyse the virtual trading records to improve the skills and to become successfull trader.

Manage Risk | Trading Ideas | Order to Brokers | Build Wealth

  • 01 Practice with virtual Trading
  • 02 Whatsapp Alerts on Analyst Post
  • 03 Create a Portfolio with Experts
  • 04 SCORE-Convert,Send & Track Orders
  • 05 Platform Support on Market Hours
01 A paper trading mode helps to practice normal trades and strategies on a local server with live execution
02 Get a whatsapp alert on each post and the follow up by the Analyst to maximize the profit
03 Create a portfolio on product, sector or industry wise to balance trading and management
04 SCORE helps you to convert a forecast to a plain and spread order and send to broker.
05 Get Whatsapp, Voice and email support on market hours on any issue related to the platform

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is TradingBee Platform?

    TradingBee has built on four pillars of trading discipline theory Money, Risk, Order, and Stress management. It is a marketplace for traders on Equities, Derivatives, and Commodity assets that are traded on indian exchanges NSE & MCX. It has SEBI registered Analysts on board to track different markets using AI-based technologies and uses mathematical models to provide informed decisions to customers. Besides this, our highly accurate Signal Builder can also help you to forecast and generate signals using popular trading techniques.

  • Desktop or laptop users can access our secured web platform Here. Simultaneously the App is available at Google play store and App Store. We have selected list of Partner brokers. You can login with the tradingID and password provided by the broker. If you don't have a trading account with our partner broker, Try to open Here

  • Do you ever believe a broker will share their client credentials with a third party? Never, we don't have any access to any password. You login into the trading account with a front-end interface and tools built with an algorithm.

  • No. You have full control over the orders and only you can place, modify or cancel the orders. TradingBee doesn't have any auto or Algo trading system.

  • A payment gateway or UPI app connects you with your bank like Gpay, Razorpay, Paytm, etc. Google Pay cannot transfer money from your bank unless instructed by you. We are using the same type of technology to connect you with your Stock Broker and No funds/holdings can be transferred or orders can be placed/modified without your instruction. We are trusted partners with your broker like here

  • TradingBee platform helps traders to select a portfolio based on margin, risk, and volatility. It tracks Investment & Risk capital and manages the portfolio with the risk appetite of the customer. Forecasts have been viewed only for the selected portfolio. A trader has further options to check the risk and reward with each trade. It protects the trader from overtrade and sticks with Minimizing the loss and Maximizing the profit concept.

  • Analyst Forecast are technical trading research forecast generated by SEBI Registered analyst associated with TradingBee.The forecast has Entry, Stop, First Target and Last Target with a simple technical report. It has three phases 1)Open(new forecast) 2)Revise(running beyond First Target) 3)Close(daily closed P/L list). You will get Whatsapp alert for all new forecast posted. This is available for Nifty50 and MCX Futures.

  • If you would like to trade with signals other than Analyst Forecast, the Signal Builder is the option for you. Signal Builder includes popular mathematical models like Camarilla pivots, Fibonacci retracements, and Gann square nine to create the trading idea. You can create your own forecast also here.It is available for All F&O, MCX Commodities & NSE equities.

  • TradingBee Platform with Analyst Forecast and SignalBuilder help Traders to generate a Forecast (trend with entry, exit & stop). These Futures signals can be converted into options and option strategies. You can change the strike price while creating an option trade. This combined orders can be send to your broker with a single click. TradingBee also provides MTM tracking of executed single & spread orders with out any huzzle.

  • In a paper mode all orders including spread orders will be executed on a local server. This is usefull for begineers to learn and experience trading activity with TradingBee Risk,Order & Stress Management platform. In live mode the orders will get executed with the connected broker. You can analyse P/L and past records to improve the trading skills.

  • TradingBee is only a front-end platform to send, get and view pending and executed orders in your broker platform using API.You can view/modify all LIVE orders created by tradingBee from a broker terminal too.

  • Yes, 100%. You can simply share the referral links to social media or messaging app from your login window to invite your friends to our services. You will get a 10%-20% of the income on every subscription he/she makes.

  • 7-days free subscription is available with a broker Trading account. The registration process can be completed by a valid Whatsapp number for alert. You could use same login credentials on any platform or any device.

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